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About Me

I am an experienced therapist who loves her work! I enjoy meeting people and learning what is important to them. I do not believe my role is to decide what success looks or feels like for my clients; but instead to help them achieve what matters to them.

I chose the name Nautilus Counseling for my practice because I believe it represents my beliefs and life experiences in a visual way. The Nautilus shell has been said to represent the potential for continued and possibly unending growth.  The nautilus continues to grow and expand as long as it lives.  It cannot stay in it's present form because as it's life continues then that chamber no longer meets it's needs.  As life places demands on us and new experiences we have to cope and sometimes we don't know how.  I've been a client as well as a Counselor and I know it is a vulnerable experience to reach out for help.

My own experiences have led me to conclude that learning how to let go of a situation in life whether by choice or not is a requirement for growth and happiness.  Working with addicts, trauma and loss experiences and families stuck in bad beliefs about each other all remind me of the need to continue to grow and be open to new thoughts and events.