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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can be a wonderful tool to help a couple work through an issue and move forward in their relationship. Of course every couple has their own specific history and concerns but the following are some excellent reasons to consider couples therapy. 1)Communication differences that you can't seem to reconcile - we all come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and different expectations for what good communication requires. 2)An issue in the relationship that you can't seem to get past - money, religion, having children, parenting children, in-laws, sex, friends etc... 3)Trust recovery following infidelity or some other wound to the relationship 4)One partner has an addiction 5)Grief or loss that one or both partners is struggling to survive 6)Burnout - employee burnout is a huge issue and of course burnout affects the whole individual including their relationships 7)Premarital counseling (Highly recommended by the way) This list is certainly not exhaustive, but these are some of issues that couples can and do face and move past in therapy.

INTENSIVE BLOCK SESSIONS: Some couples struggle with the idea of weekly sessions for months, while the struggles between them continue.
For some couples, doing their therapy in more intensive blocks makes more sense.  This can allow a couple to complete three or four weeks of therapy at one time.  If you are interested in this please do not hesitate to contact me about this service.